Thursday, June 01, 2006

Update on Projects

I have finished a few projects lately, and just haven't had the time to upload them. I made 2 cell phone cases, kinda by winging it. The fuzzy one was made holding 2 together, the fuzzy yarn was Moda Dea Flip in sunset. Once I look up the second one, I will add it. I also designed a belt, but I ended up in the hospital and now I'm having trouble remembering exactly how I did that. Guess I should have written it down as I went along. I also made a belt to match the drop stitch scarf, I just need to get a button and that one is all set. Once I figure out the belt pattern, I will post it.


Ryaira said...

I really like the cell phone pouches the colours are great.

The headband is great as well I really like the beading.

I am going to have to check my local craft store for a hemp kit now that bracelet two posts previous is pretty.

Angie said...

Thank you! They have a ton of cool hemp kits, I still need to finish working on mine. i kinda start a project, then start a new one, etc :P

maverick said...

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