Monday, March 20, 2006

Scarf is finished and not so pretty

I finished the scarf, but I guess I did not have as much yarn as I thought, so it is a very short scarf. It was leftover yarn from a blanket I made. I went to the craft store, and got the last skein of yarn I need to finish my capelet, so I am working on that. Next, I am doing another project out of Stich 'N Bitch, the Knitters Handbook. It will be another scarf. I'm not sure I am ready to tackle shaping and increasing/decreasing yet. I made a swatch of stockinette stitch, and I absolutely love it. It's soooo pretty. I can tell why it's the most popular knit stitch. It's gorgeous! I don't think I am even going to post the picture of that scarf. It's very ugly, but it's my first baby, so I will keep it I am sure. My next crochet project will definately be something for summer. Maybe a summer coverup, or a shrug.


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